Nikos Papanikolopoulos


Distinguished McKnight Professor, IEEE Fellow

Research Interests:
Robotics, Sensor networks, Sensor-based control in transportation applications, Computer vision, Inspection, Computer engineering, Computer integrated manufacturing.

email: npapas(at)
phone: (612) 625-0163

Vassilios Morellas

Program Director, Center for Transportation Studies

Research Interests:
Geometric image processing, machine learning, robotics and sensor integration to enhance automation of electromechanical systems

email: morellas(at)
phone: (612) 624-4822

Maria Gini

Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor

AAAI Fellow

Research Interests:
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Intelligent Agents, Motion Planning, Navigation with Moving Obstacles

email: gini(at)
phone: (612) 625-5582


Ted Morris

Research Engineer

Research Interests:
Intelligent Transportation Systems, Sensing & Controls, Human Motion Analysis & Virtual Environments

email: tmorris(at)
phone: (612) 624-8499


William Beksi

Research Assistant

Research Interests:
Robotic Perception, Networked and Cloud Robotics

email: beksi(at)

Dario Canelon

Research Assistant

Research Interests:
Robotics, Design, Control Systems

email: dario(at)

Joshua Fasching

Research Assistant

MnDrive Scholar, Ph.D. Candidate

Research Interests:
Detection, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

email: fasching(at)

Dimitris Zermas

Research Assistant

Ph.D. Candidate

Research Interests:
Computer Vision, Image Segmentation, Object Classification, Precision Agriculture

email: dzermas(at)


Nick Erickson

Undergraduate Research Fellow

Research Interests:
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

email: eric3068(at)

Nathan Studanski

Undergraduate Research Fellow

Research Interests:
Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning

email: studa003(at)
phone: (763) 228-7398

Travis Henderson

Undergraduate Research Fellow

Research Interests:
Aerospace Structure Design, Fabrication of Fiber - Reinforced Composites

email: hende471(at)

Ben Bosch

Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests:
Computer vision, especially as part of robotic platforms

email: bosch091(at)