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The MegaScout is a wholly new robot platform developed at the University of Minnesota to work in conjunction with a Scout team. The MegaScout is intended to provide command and control support for a Scout team as well as perform independently. The MegaScouts are still in their early prototyping stages, and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

Length: 37 cm
Diameter: 13 cm (main body)
Weight: 12 kg
Top Speed: Standard wheel 5.3 m/s
Balloon wheel 7.2 m/s
Actuated wheel ??? m/s
Sensors: Color Tilt Camera
Color USB Camera
Eltec Pyroelectric Sensor
GP2D02 Range Finder
Batteries: 250 Wh Lithium Polymer
Operational Lifetime: Quiescent Mode: approx. 20 hours
Reconnaissance Mode: approx. 5-7.5 hours
Communications: Primary: 802.11b
Optional: 900Mhz FM Video


Standard  equipped MegaScout A standard equipped MegaScout
Balloon tire  equipped MegaScout A MegaScout equipped with rugged tires for increased shock absorption and traction
Actuating wheel  equipped MegaScout A MegaScout equipped with actuating wheels
MegaScout_best Demo
The MegaScout in action.
(18MB mpeg)
MegaScout_fall Demo
The MegaScout taking 6 consecutive falls with no damage.
(12.5MB mpeg)
MegaScout_rendered Demo
A rendered image of the MegaScout.
(800K mpeg)
MegaScout_slope Demo
MegaScout moving up a steep incline.
(6MB mpeg)
MegaScout_speed Demo
MegaScout moving at high velocity.
(6MB mpeg)
MegaScout_team Demo
Two teleoperated MegaScouts.
(9MB mpeg)
MegaScout_video Demo
Video from a MegaScout camera.
(786K mpeg)
Pull_Andrew Demo
A MegaScout demonstrating its pulling power.
(1.5MB mpeg)

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